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Mix Tapers Anonymous' Journal

4th January, 2003. 7:19 pm. Could you show me dear something I've not seen, something infinitely interesting?(cjkline83)

Ok, since I'm new here, I'll give the obligatory information :)

Name: Curtis Kline
Address Tapes should be sent to:
Curtis Kline
1842 McDowell Road
Greencastle, PA 17225

Birthday: July 26th, 1983 (19)
Sign: Leo
Genres I Dig: Rock (everything rock: hard, classical, new wave, etc), 80's, oldies, country, classical, pretty much everything. Send it to me anyway so I might decide if I like it, and I'll send you a mix in return.

Prefered Mix Format: I prefer to mix out to tape, but will make CD's for those without access to a tape player, or those who prefer CD's over tape (and those who wish to pirate the music from the CD to their computer (heh)). I prefer to receive mixes on tape, but cd's will do also. Why do I love tape so much? It's reusable. CD's you can only burn once (unless it's CD-RW, but they are more expensive then CD-r.)

If you need help finding music for a mix, or want to read someone else's mix compilations, there's a great website out there: Art of the Mix

Also, Moderator: Would you like a website for this community? A member's only place for users to have frequently accessed information, such as addresses of member's? I think it would be most handy for people who are somewhat disorganized (like me) and who really need to find that person's mailing address to send the mix.

The website would be made password protected so that not just any average reader of this community could have access to the sensitive information. What do you think?

Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and let's get to the tradin!

(10 trades | who wants to trade?)